Dimas started to learn tattooing in 1998, with very simple equipments. In 2001, he pursued his tattooing career professionally with equipments which fulfill international health standard. At first, he was interested in any tattoo style, but then he feels more comfortable in doing Japanese-style tattoos. At the time, he is busy studying Indonesian genius loci, from wood carving, wayang(Indonesian traditional puppets), batik and Indonesian masks. He tries to develop his own style which he called Indonesian Style.

Some inspiring tattooists for him in Japanese-style tattoos are Horiyoshi III, Shigenori Iwasaki, FilipLeu and some other Japanese tattooists; and in a more-diversed-style, his favorite tattooists are Philadelphia Eddie, Sailor Jerry and some seniors in tattooing world.

  • Best Tattoo of Show "Peoples Choice" di event BajakLaut Motorcycle Club "Ride of Culture" Prambanan 2010.
  • 2nd place on Tattoo War at "Modern Tattoo Culture" event, 26-27 Februari 2011, Semarang, Oriental category
  • 1st place on Batik-themed tattoo contest held by Java Tattoo Club and XT Square Jogjakarta, Dec 20, 2013