Thursday - April, 10, 2014 - Autism-Aware Tattooists

Diffa Magazine - founded by Yayasan Mitra Netra and FX Rudy Gunawan, is a primary reading source about disability world and families with children with special needs in Indonesia - covered our fundraising event this April 2, 2014. On this fundraising event we're not alone, our friends from Bali - Lady Rose Tattoo also participated in this collective event. 

For complete article from Diffa Magazine in Bahasa Indonesia, please check Majalah Diffa website
special thanks to Adiwinanto Semali and Lutfi Anandika for your support :)

Tuesday - June, 12, 2012
JABIRUT! Digimagz

 On March 2012, Dimas Praja and Lois' works were published on Jabirut Digital Magazine. It's an interactive digital magazine as a medium for youth-related information and entertainment based in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. You can download the magz for free here. Thank you Jabirut Digimagz for you appreciation :)

Sunday - February, 27, 2011
Tattoo War at Modern Tattoo Culture, Semarang 2011

It’s STAR’s (Semarang Tattoo Artists) event at Dafam Hotel, Feb 26-27. The tattoo war is now happening. Dimas Praja is now working on a dragon-koi on Fredy Nurdiansyah. The legend says that a koi will struggle to find its way to the top of a waterfall, and if it reaches the top, it will eventually turns into a dragon. The general imaging of this story is a koi fish with a dragon head.

the dragon-koi freehand sketch

Dimas Praja on tattoo war

still working on it! :)

The tattoo war will last for 5 hours. It’s been going in about an hour an a half… The categories of the tattoo war are Oriental tattoos, Old school tattoos, Realism tattoos and Tribal tattoos, with about 20 tattooists participating.


And how is the event?

With a simple sentence: it’s so fun to hear tattoo machines buzzing all day long! :D