Minggu, 27 Februari 2011
Tattoo War at Modern Tattoo Culture, Semarang 2011

It’s STAR’s (Semarang Tattoo Artists) event at Dafam Hotel, Feb 26-27. The tattoo war is now happening. Dimas Praja is now working on a dragon-koi on Fredy Nurdiansyah. The legend says that a koi will struggle to find its way to the top of a waterfall, and if it reaches the top, it will eventually turns into a dragon. The general imaging of this story is a koi fish with a dragon head.

the dragon-koi freehand sketch

Dimas Praja on tattoo war

still working on it! :)

The tattoo war will last for 5 hours. It’s been going in about an hour an a half… The categories of the tattoo war are Oriental tattoos, Old school tattoos, Realism tattoos and Tribal tattoos, with about 20 tattooists participating.


And how is the event?

With a simple sentence: it’s so fun to hear tattoo machines buzzing all day long! :D